Written by Don

On Business Meetings & Ancient Greek Sculpture

Little’s mom suggests a special session.

TP: Didn’t expect to see you today, Little Man. Had you scheduled for next week.

LM: Right, doc. Blame it on mom.

TP: Yes, she seemed upset when she called. What happened?

LM: A home invasion. That’s what happened. Read more →

On Super Bowls, Mom & Marketing

Little Man opines…from Meathead to Monopoly.

TP: So, Little, being a Baltimore cat, I assume you got caught up in Super Bowl fever?

LM: Not me, doc. In fact, I sent mom and dad out of the house to watch it. Too much yelling and screaming. The name’s cool, though.

TP: Yes, it’s obvious you’re a fan of super sizing.

LM: Don’t get all caught up in the weight thing, doc. I’ve been tipping the scales at a very consistent “just shy of 30” all winter. Pretty good, I think, considering the loss of my little chipmunk playmates.

TP: What do you do for exercise all winter, Little Man? Read more →

On Sound Machines & Drill Sergeants

Little’s therapist returns from break.

TP: Happy New Year, Little. How’d the holidays treat you?

LM: Not bad, doc, considering.

TP: Considering?

LM: You know the drill. The family blitzkrieg, too many kids, wrapping paper flying all over the place, “sound machines”…like these kids need help making noise.

TP: What are sound machines? Read more →

On Nephews & Little Brothers

Little’s therapist delves into relationships.

TP: Good to see you, Little. How was Thanksgiving?

LM: Hmm—kind of a good news/bad news deal, doc. Good news: I was able to hustle some pretty fine turkey scraps from mom. You gotta love those leftovers. Bad news: The “kid with the plaid pajamas” was there.

TP: Kid with the plaid pajamas? Read more →

On Being Homeless

Another week, another therapy session for the not-so-little man.

TP: So, Little, I thought this week we might talk about your early days.

LM: You mean, like when I was adopted?

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On Visiting The Vet

A sneak peek inside this week’s session between Little Man and his therapist (TP).

TP: So how did it go this week, Little?

LM: Ahh, it was ok, I guess. Didn’t exactly start great though. Had to get in the damn pet carrier (traveling prison cell would be more accurate) to go to the vet.

TP: What was so terrible about it?

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