Therapy Topics & Characters

Little Man On The Couch provides a front row seat for Little Man’s therapy sessions, in which he covers everything from his cast-off kittenhood to his virtual dominance of the household where he now lives…a dominance facilitated by his being, as one of his hottie vet techs dubbed him, a stud muffin, and by his uncanny perceptiveness of the world around him.

Little Man’s therapy touches a wide range of subjects:

  • Other dogs & cats…not fond of them

  • Small children…hates them

  • Women…tolerates them

  • Caregivers when his parents are away…a Drill Sergeant wannabe and a woman named “Snow White”

  • His human parents…a.k.a. the chef and the doorman

  • His mother’s friends…e.g. Mrs. Blutarsky and the DJ chick

  • The grandchildren…esp. the kid in the plaid pajamas

  • Anyone with work boots…L.M. has a serious shoe fetish

  • His mother’s Show Your Soft Side campaign, featuring celebrity hard men and their pets delivering the message that Only A Punk Would Hurt A Cat Or Dog…for which L.M. and his dad were the inspiration

  • Curly, a briefly “adopted” little brother…Little Man ran him out of the house in less than a week.

  • Politicians who just talk the talk…i.e., politicians, period.

  • Pop culture…e.g. Monopoly’s heralded new game icon—“cat”…DUH!